San Mateo Exhaust and Brake Centre was founded in 1980 and have built it into a successful and reputable company…twice.

San Mateo Exhaust and Brake Centre was sold in 1999, but as fate would have it, the business faulted in another man’s hands and I bought it back a few years later.  Damage had been done and it was like starting all over again to get it back to full operating capacity.

I attribute the success with this business to five key things:

-  Consistent Quality workmanship

-  Good Staff

-  Customer service

-  Long, long hours

- YOUR ongoing loyalty

It is now time for the business to move into a more modern and relevant realm – performance.  With my kids now grown-up and educated in specialised fields, together we aim to deliver an unbeatable combination of experience, reputation, knowledge, skills and quality service.

This doesn’t mean that I, myself will be pulling the plug on our traditional services.  SPS will always include San Mateo Exhaust and Brake Centre; it’s just that the performance branch is going to steal the marketing spotlight for a while!

In the meantime, look out for ongoing specials and promotions, loyalty programs and additions to our service/product base.  We value our customers above all else, and endeavour to reward your loyalty wherever possible.

This website has a whole host of information for you to browse.  You can keep abreast of the latest specials, increase your knowledge of the automotive repair and upgrade industry, seek valuable advice from our great staff, and research the products you need.

I wish you happy and safe motoring and look forward to helping you achieve your cars optimum performance.



SPS is an accredited member of the Vehicle Accreditation CC (VACC).  

As a member of the VACC, SPS is required to adhere to industry standards of quality, service, and training.

We take pride in our work and saw it as a natural progression to become a member of Australia’s peak vehicle industry body.  




SPS has gained a lot from the Mildura and surrounding region.  By way of them giving something back to the community, SPS is a proud sponsor of Lead On, Australia.  

Leigh Frost, Proprietor SPS, says “It is important for us (adults) to look after our future generations and provide opportunities to help them develop and gain confidence to enter the workforce at a later stage.”  He says that “giving support in a ‘real and meaningful’ way creates so many flow-on benefits – kids get experience, they grow confidence, it gives them a reason to stay active in their community, education and the workforce; it builds a sense of community in the town, it increases their employability; it will help to keep our kids in Mildura, etc.  The list goes on.”

On the other hand, “There is limited risk for me to employ the services of Lead On participants because they are mentored by Lead On professionals.  Just look at this website, it is designed by an ex-Lead On participant now business-owner, Drew Youngblood, Youngblood Ink.  It was uploaded by a current Lead On participant, Demitrie Karatzis.  

Lead On is one of the most innovative and successful youth organisations that Australia has seen.  Chris DeAraugo, CEO Lead On, Australia attributes this to three things – the ‘realness’ of the projects carried out, the willingness of individual communities to support the organisation, and the non-traditional “youth” approach.  

He says, “Lead On projects are developed by the participants or offered to them by local business partners.  That way the participants are not bored by traditional activities and they’re choices are broadened by the input of local businesses.”

Leigh feels that his own kids have benefited from the generosity of Lead On and he is more than willing to give others the same sort of kick-start to their careers.

He says, “Lead On is primarily a platform for people to increase their networks and their knowledge and open doors to employment.  I have seen how powerful this is for students entering the workforce and I am a true supporter”.


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